Colonel Mustard in the yard with GT3 in his pantz.....

99 996 will get a little upgrade...

"Say he-lo to my li-tell frennnnd....."

Here's how the car was represented.  For $15K I got a complete running 996 with 29K miles, minus the front fenders, hood, lights.  The car runs and drives and has a nice interior.  Easy fixer.  Great candidate for a race car to GT3 conversion. Light hit to the nose.

This is a story of lessons learned:

1) "Yeah, there was a reason it was totaled"
2) Never ever assume anything get pictures and a description of what will happen if the car is not as represented
3) Proper frame work is VERY expensive
4) eBay can save your butt on parts.

Sales Pitch:  "An Easy Fixer"

Reality: Bent POS with a history akin to Dukes of Hazard.

A trip to the frame bench tells a lot.

The car returns home for to get some bodywork

The GT3 SuperCup World Challenge engine