What I purchased was a 1999 Carrera 4, complete minus front bodywork.  For $15,000 the agreement was that the car would be running, drivable and mechanically complete including radiators and an intact cooling system.  It was to include front a front bumper installed so it could be easily towed and tied down. it was also to have the luggage compartment shrink-wrapped and weather sealed. I was told the car was straight with no frame damage.

After it was paid for it was disclosed that the front brakes were missing.

When it arrived it would not run and given the complete lack of oil and coolant could not have run.  The hood area was open to the weather and uncovered and both windows were missing. 

The car is a drive by wire car, not a regular throttle car making the electronics worthless to me.  There is extensive damage to the suspension, in fact the front uprights are not from this car but from a Boxster.  The complete 4wd system is missing.  The left rear brake caliper is missing. 

The engine, which was supposedly running and had fresh anti- freeze and radiators installed (whcih I paid $1000 extra for) has NO WATER and  NO OIL in it and a hole is eroded completely through the oil pan. The engine case is cracked so the engine cannot be returned to Porsche as a core and can not be repaired.  What Todd told me was that the coolant was not bled but that he had installed Porsche anti-freeze.  The radiators are completely dry.

The front section of the car is twisted.  The front section is tilted 2 degrees with respect to the cowl and the car will have to be put on a frame machine.  The passenger rocker is completely crushed at the leading edge.  the main body structure is kinked in the passenger wheel well area.  The inner fender to door pillar seam is separated in the fender mounting area and will need to be welded and straightened.  None of this damage was revealed.

The entire bottom of the car is scraped up. The front and rear suspension members are all broken.  The front and rear suspensions and support will need to be replaced in their entirety. Tie rods are bent.

The interior, which had been essentially intact,  has been torn apart.  The drivers door inner panel has been removed and the handle broken.  The driver's window has been removed after the pictures were taken at LA Porsche.  The center console had been removed and simply put in place.  The headlight switch is missing and pieces broken and the driver's air duct is destroyed.

Great deal eh?  Only $15,750 delivered for a not-running bent peice of crap!


We found 4 record(s) for this vehicle

  VIN: WP0AA2990XS627035
  Year: 1999
  Make: Porsche
  Model: 911 Carrera
  Style/Body: Coupe 2 Door
  Engine: MFI 3.4L H-6
  Country of Assembly: Germany


Beauty.  Can you say Dukes of Hazard?

Ummm...this is a C4. Isn;t there supposed to be a drive train in there?I

A little scrape

That's the rear cross member.  Scraped all the way through.  Wow.  UGLY.

Running and driving. No water, no oil.  Must not have gone very far.

Yeah.  I knew the radiators were added later.  Apparently the front suspension was too.



So what happened?  We agreed to the following terms:  LA Porsche would:

1) Replace the engine and let me keep the spare to make up for th ebent frame
2) Repalce teh entire suspesnion wiht one from a 996 tt.
3) Refund $1000
4) Supply doors (that woudl have ben nice), side windows, drivetrain, and mirrors

What really happened?

1) He shorted me the windows
2) he sent me the doors bent up and gutted with no windows, needing more bodywork than they were worth, COD for $336 freight collect along with most of the drivetrain
3) Still owes me $1000 and the motor.
4) No axles ro rear crossmembers.

When I called to find out where the axles, windows and engine were, I was told to send the car back for a refund.  This is after buying hood, lights, fenders, bumpers, and spending $3500 at teh frame shop. See the next installment.