Here's some service work on a car we recently sold....known as Moby Dick.  By the time it finally left,
Lydia had renamed it Albatross!

Moby can be seen HERE

I sold Moby with the agreement to change out a trans seal along with a list of twenty-five other minor an dnot so minor problems.  Life in hell.

Unlike earlier 915 transmissions, the late (86) trans will only acept a single shifter seal.  In the older models you could simply shove one down the shift shaft and
tap it in over the leaky one.  No such luck!

Oh but you have a leaky shift shaft seal (say that 3 times fast!)

Let's use some $75 a turb Dow Corning 730.

Sometimes the projects just seem like they are hanging over my head.  Nice looking car
though, eh?

May as well adjust the valves while it's out.

All ready to go back in!

What a nice shiney engine you have....the better to eat off my pretty!

See where the trans was leaking?