993LW Project:

Adding power brakes and clutch master/slave cylinder to an early car is far from straightforward

Careful measurements must be made form a late car to locate the power brake booster housing

Note that the firewall is cut away to allow for clearance for the brake rod and bell crank.  This panel will be cut out and used as a template.
A large area (2"x6") needs to be removed form behind this mount to allow for clearance for the brake booster.  We will use 1/8" aluminum plate for this panel as it is highly loaded.

We use 1/8" 3031 aluminum to fabricate he plate.  Not as easy as it looks to make it all fit!

Here's a view from the side.

Lastly, add the reservior and hoses

Pedal assembly is then installed and braces/connecting rods attached.
Watch out for the clutch hydraulic lines, they will set you back nearly $200!

Big reds are used with special machined hubs and bearings to allow for factory 993 twin-turbo rotors and hats. This allows for fast and easy rotor swaps.

Rear brakes also use factory 993tt rotors since they are plentiful and more than adequate for this application.

Last Updated on 3/2/99
By Steve Timmins
Email: timmins@udel.edu