Installing a cage in a 944

The folloing shots are for an OG cage installation.  We charge about 15 hours, plus
paintwork, which is manditory but can be done by the customer as well.

It takes two people about that long to do it.  It has to be installed and removed at least four
times.  Although it is a bolt-in cage, it is bolted to weld in plates.

We really like the OG cages.  They are the only bolt-in type we sell. Contact us
if interested.

We offer technical support only on cages sold through us,
and the pricing is the same. Drop shippment is available
or we can arrange for local delivery.

The installation reguired welding in six plates

First, a trial fit.

Now we get to take it out

And weld in some plates..careful, the gas tank is on the other side of the
rear floor!  (We already replaced one....)

Now for a careful inspection!

Everything lines up.  Now take it back out for paintwork.

Do not attempt to paint an OG cage unnless you strip off the shipping paint first!
We tried it on two cages.  Not worth it.  You just have to strip off the new paint.

The stripping process.  Takes about an hour.

Now two coats of primer and two coats of Black Satin

Careful not to paint the areas where the sleeves slide on...

A finished product ready to install.

Finished car with Tech Form and weight balance/alignment sheet.