OK, so this isn't so much a story of a trans rebuild as it is about incompetence, stupidity, and miscommunication.

Another shop, who shall remain nameless to protect the stupid, brought a 930 by on a trailer for an alignment and weight balance.  I was overbooked as is, so I told him it would be c a couple of weeks.  That was not really acceptable (he first contacted me earlier that day) so I told him he was welcome to take it elsewhere, but he declined.

"While you're at it", he said, "it wont go into 3rd and 4th any more, since I replaced the shift coupling, and, Oh yeah, I rebuilt the trans and threw in some different gears".

Well, I told him I would do what I could, but not hold his breath because the first track event was coming up and the usual suspects were already crawling out of the woodwork.  Whatever, and he left.

The first thing I noticed was that the shifter had a cheap short shift kit installed, and someone had glued the lever into the pivot, the glue had failed, so the entire shift lever rotated all over the place.  First I fixed that.  Next I took it for a test drive.  Sure enough, no way would it go into 3rd and 4th, and when the car was stationary it was like hitting a brick wall, but once underway it made a rather nasty grinding noise.  1st and 2nd were also balky.  I checked the new coupler, and it was fine, so next step was to relieve the car of it's drive train.

Once the trans was apart, and the shift forks removed the shifter shafts were examined.  Here's what the 3-4 shaft looked like:

See that notch?  that was where the selector fork got real close up and personal with 4th gear.

The other side was the same way, only was getting intimate with 3rd gear.

Some time passed here as I ordered a new dog for 2nd , a new 1-2 slider, and a set of synchros, in addition to a gasket set.  Turns out the shop who dropped this off had never really done a transmission before, and in addition to having the shift forks not even remotely adjusted right, didn't do anything in their "rebuild" other than replace 3rd and 4th gears and some gaskets, on which they used no sealant.

I called PowerHAUS, the supplier of the gears and they assured me that no mods were needed with these larger diameter input shaft gears, and that if the forks were properly adjusted then all would be right with the world.  Stupidly I trusted them.  I replaced the dog, all synchros, slider, adjusted the forks for maximum 3-4 clearance, which looked OK, then assembled the trans, checked the shifting, mated it to the engine, and installed it, hooked it up and took it for a drive.  Much fun on a 930.

The result was that if you were in third gear, and you pushed the lever forward slightly, it was possible to lightly buzz the gear with the selector fork.

The next step, as you might imagine, was to remove some material from the selector fork to allow for adequate clearance.  That involved removing the engine from the car, and disassembling the trans.  Using wrenches which must have been throwing sparks, I had the motor out and the trans taken apart in under 90 minutes.  Yes, I have a witness, since I called the errant shop owner when I got the car in after it's initial test run (7:26 PM) and when I had the shift shaft removed (8:43 PM).


After the grinding it was a happy trans.  Here's me finishing it up.  I never split the trans from the engine, seemed faster that way, and i was right.  A nightmare I'd rather not repeat.