Instant G 3.0 motor for 914-6, July 1-4 2001.

This is a basically stock motor built for a 914-6.  It will have carbs, 9.3:1 US spec CIS pistons, SC cams, and 38mm ported heads.

All the parts were clean Sunday July 1 morning and I had throught the 4th.  Here goes:

End of the day Friday.  Case is built.  Time for a beer!

Saturday morning:


I always seal both surfaces.  The DC 730 won't stick if there is ANY contamination, so this is a great way to make sure leaks will not show up later.

Now the heads and cam-towers are installed....4-5-6 first

Now clean epoxy off the cam boxes and re-epoxy....

Skip forward a few steps - like caming the times...or something like that and it's time to take the evening off....

Now it's just a matter of hanging the accessories.  I also re-wrapped the wiring harness and got rid of all the old CIS connections

Here you can see the nice match of the 38mm ports to the insulator blocks.  This engine came with 32mm ports but they really don't breathe

I had some 40-38mm tall racing manifolds ordered in.  Richard at PMO decided he wouldn't sell to me wholesale anymore unless I put an ad in the yellow pages, so I ordered the through CYNTEX.  JERK!!!!!

The picture above was taken on July 4th, 2001.  The engien sat idly by from them unitl March 22, 2002.

There is is...ready for the 914-6 tin and ducting.

Next step to rebuild the 901 and install the clutch assembly.  The rebuild was performed on March 22, 2002.

Lasty we go to the install. This was done on Sunday March 23, 2002.

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