Installing the OG Bar in a 911

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First remove all seats, rear quarter trim panels, all carpet, and throw out lots of soundproofing.

First, trial fit the bar, and outline the base plates, and check placement.  3/4" holes need to be drilled
so the nuts can go below the base plate.

Next, using a 3/4" hole saw, drill out the two forward base plate mounting hole recesses.

More of the same.  Do the same for the upper (rear) mounts.

Now install the bar, bolt in the nut plates, and tack weld all plates.

More tack welding

Finish weld the plate by welding the perimeter.

The upper plates may need a fiar amount of filler because of the contour of the wheel well. This is normal.


Coat with seam sealer.

Here's the forward plate.

Paint everything and install the bar

Don't forget to smile, cause you're havin' some fun now!

Make sure that if you're like 6'7" you have a short freind who works for cheap and can weld.


Now reinstall seats and carpet, but not in that order!