Instant-G Oil System

We sell this kit for $695.

Includes the following:

You can use this system when converting to SSIs or headers and eliminate the factory "J"
pipe that ususally goes from the engine oil outlet pipe to the thermostat, and the pipe from the
thermostat to the oil tank.

If you chose to keep these, you'll need 30mm MALE to -12 MALE adapters.  This setup
is shown here.  That system also includes a LARGE nose mount cooler and is $995.  Upgrade toa B&B cooler for $100 extra.

If you need a system for a 1972 car, see here.


Thermostat on SC.

Note position of thermostat.  You need to loosen or remove the rockers.  We chose
to remove them.

Tuck the hoses under the rockers using the factory brackets.  THe Mocal thermostat bracket is worthless. Toss it.

This is the inexpensive Mocal cooler.  A very tight fit.  Needed to weld a stud
on for the lower mount.  Have Mig, Will travel.  Upper mount goes through headlight bucket.

Figure on a solid 3-4 hours for the install.  You'll need a cutoff wheel to cut the braided hose.
Some people claim you can use a hacksaw.  Dreeeeeaaaammm on!  If you buy the kit from us, however, everythign is preassembled.  You can also upgrade to the larger horizontal slat cooler for $100 extra.