No smoke, no mirrors, just fast.



Let the rebuilding begin....

Removing a broken off stud the old fashioned way!  Two studs were broken and needed a fair application of heat to remove.  I liek ot use two wrenches to apply a pure moment and avoid bending stresses.

Pstons blasted and cleaned then numbered.


Installing the cam tower studs.  These had to be removed to machine the heads.


New timing chains with removable links.

Always liek ot re-epoxy the backs of the chain boxes.  Only takes a minute and sincethat epoxy was 21 years old....

I walways use DowCornign 730 on all surfaces. Here I apply it to the case, then again to the gasket, and a third time to the chain box.

Cams are now instlaled and timed, all valves adjusted and valve covers are installed.

Same application of DC730 on the cam box covers.  Both sides of the gasket surface onboth surfaces.  DC7309 won't stick to oily surfaces so this is a ifnal check that things are clean.

heat exchangers are pretty marginal.


Both left and right are rusted at te flanges.

Old oil on the heat exchangers.  It's pretty much gook and will burn off eventually.

Almost ready to install.  Just sheet metal, new cap an rotor, spark plug wires and a fan belt....