3.2 Short Stroke Build

This is a complete rebuild on a 3.2 Short Stroke engine.  We started with just a top end, but it quickly became apparent that more was needed.  When we looked at the rod bearings they were full of debris.  luckily they had not damaged the crank.  We did recon all rods.  Also - the cylender to heas mating surface had not been sealing so the heads and cylenders were faced.

For those not familiar with a 3.2SS, it is a motor with 98mm P&Cs and an SC crank.  This is a nice motor because it spins up well.  These P&Cs are the high compression variety, and the enigne used Mechancial "S" cams.  These pistopns shoudl not be confused with Max Moritz with are lower compression and CIS shaped domes, and do not have valve releifs.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of the engine before the build.  It was a nasty, oily, greasy, leaky mess.

Everythign weas cleaned well in advance. This allows for quick assembly and no dirty fingers.   Notice how the case halves are set up opn two stands so the sealant can be applied to both.  I like doing this to ensure no leaks.

Yes, those are homemade props.  They work though!


Now add DC 730 Sealant.  $95 tube but it doesn;t leak and it goes a loooong way!!

Thedrain pan was less than pristine so I coated either sidfe of the pickup screen and gaskets  with DC730 as well


heads on...I do not tighten or torque these until the cam towers are in place. The cam towes have dowell pins that line up all the heads precicely.

Although you can also install the heads on the cam towers and then install as a unit I find this unweildy.

Now the cam towers are installed.  In this case i put in all roickers and cams first.  It's actually easier to wait but I had done that while awaiting some machine work.

Now the cam-boxes are installed..

Offset is chedked using "Stomski Racing" fixture.  What a wonderful device.  Click on their lik to check out their products.  Steve if a great guy, like most guys named Steve!

After the cams are timed, the engine is built up. The picture below is a stock photo form the 3.0 rebuild

Next add "a few things" like the shroud and carbs, and sheet metal....etc....

Note the broken muffler mount, fixed below.


Now that's a nice looking motor!

A nice new set of SSIs never hurts!

I ended up rewelding the mufler bracket to make the new muffler work.

Then set up the clutch and get the trans ready....

And added the trans.....Ready to plug in!

And there it is, installed in a 1969 911S