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Single pulley alternator conversion $139

One option you might consider, the single-pulley fan conversion.  Here’s the deal:,  The 3.6 spins the alternator and fan at separate speeds with separate belts.  That was to accommodate additional electrical items on the 964/994 (climate control, stereo, etc). 

On a normal 911 (through 1989), if the fan belt breaks, then the alternator stops charging and a light comes on on the dashboard.

The 964/993 has a central informer computer that will light a warning on the dash if the FAN belt breaks.  It does this with a sensor (wheel next to belt).  Unfortunately you have no such light.  If you want one then you need to install one.  Otherwise if the fan belt breaks then you are going to ruin the motor.  The alternative is to use a single belt to run the alternator and the fan.  If that breaks then the alternator light will go off.

This part is a Porsche Motorsports factory piece and, unlike competitors' products, features studs which protrude through the fan and pulley making belt replacement easy.  If going this route also consider a replacement fan belt.  Installation involves removing the fan and hub, generally easiest with the alternator assembly or engine removed.

By the way, this also makes changing the belt easier, 3 nuts and you are done.  You don't even need the central bolt so there is no need for the 12-point triple square that comes in the factory tool kits.

Lastly, it is pretty much pointless to replace the lower pulley.   On the 964 engines, that heavy pulley is also a harmonic balancer and highly recommended for crankshaft life.  On the 993 motors, the wight of the additional pulleys is insignificant.  You can get a Motorsports lower pulley if the need arises but we don;t bother even on our race motors.