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964/993 - 3.6 liter engine conversion kit FAQ

NOTE:  Please read the FAQ before calling or e-mailing. We are more than happy to answer questions, but it gets old when they are already answered above.


Q: How much HP will the car make?  Will I notice a difference?
A: Oh yeah!  The following are from actual dyno measurements or porsche data:

Q: How about a 3.0/3.2 conversion for an early car? Isn't that a lot cheaper and almost as good?
A: Cheaper:Yes.  Just as good: No. What's better really depends on your  budget.

Q: What are the differences between 993 and 964?
A: There are many differences between 964 engine and 993.

Other then availability of VarioRAM then the easiest approach is to compare 1992-1994 964 to 993.

  1. Intake Manifolds: Virually the same. 993 has 1mm larger runners.  Worth 2-3 HP.
  2. Air Flow Meter:  the 993 has a mass flow whereas the 964 has a "barn door" flapper.  Worth 2-3 HP
  3. Rockers:  The 993 has hydraulic rockers.  They never need to be adjusted and are quite reliable.  On the other hand if the car is a pure race car and spends most of it's life above 5000 RPMs or you ever think of changing to lumpy cams, you'll be better off with solid lifters.
  4. Exhaust - the 993 has separate right and left exhaust headers whcih join in the center and a highly efficient dual catalyst. This is where the bulk of the 25 horsepower change comes from
  5. Crank/Rods - the 993 has a stiffer and lighter crank assembly (the crank is heavier but it doesn't need a harmonic balancer, something to think about all those lightweight crankpulley fans).  It also has lighter rods, but narrower rod bearings.  Are the narrower rod bearings a problem?  Apparently not since the GT3 uses the same bearings and crankshaft!
  6. Valves: 993 Varioram engiens (both US and European) have 50mm intakes and 43.5mm exhausts.  All others have the same size valve as a 3.0/3.2 49mm/41.5mm.  This seems to be worth 8-10HP since at the top end the VRam and 95 993 engines are essentially the same.
Q: What's a VarioRAM and why should I care?
A: VarioRAM engines differ from 993 engines in two respects:
    1) The intake Manifold is completely different.
    2) The valves are larger.

Intake manifold:  Here are pictures of engines with plastic (95) and varioram (96-98) manifolds:

If you just want the bottom line then the Varioram makes only 3.5% more peak power.  On the other hand it makes 20% more torque at 4000 RPM!
VarioRAM Explained click here.

Q: Which engine is best?  What about 993 Engines?
A: The most popular was the 1991-1994 964, but now 993 enignes are becoming available.  Any 3.6 engine can be installed.  It's more important to get a good engine than any specific engine.

There are two basic engien types, 964 and 993.  964 is 1989-1994 and early engines cen be distringished by athe aluminum intake.  993 Engines add hydraulic lifters and a redesigned crank and rods and come in two basic flavors as well.  Click here for full details

Q: What about a 3.8
A: If you have a motor that needs a rebuild then go for it, otherwise, it's a lot of money.

Q: Can anyone do this, or do I need an expert in 3.6 conversion?  How long will it take?
A: Anyone competent of engine removal and replacement can perform this conversion.
Figure on 15-20 hours plus whatever it takes to remove the 3.6 exhaust. Q:  What other parts do I have to buy?
A: You must supply the following: Q:What Exhaust should be used?  Can I use SSIs?  How about a Carrera or 993 exhaust?
A: Depends on how much yuo want to spend and how much power you want to make. Q: What additional parts are recommended?
A: To make the installation easier, we recommend the following options: Evo Motorsports Cone Filter $145-185 Q: WIll the sheet metal fit or will I need to modify it
A: There are two items, one modifying the sheet metal so teh engine will fit in the car, and modifying the sheet metal so the engine compartment will seal. Q: Where do I get an engine, how much will it cost?
A:  Junkyards, private parties or from us Q: What about a Mass Flow unit?  Doesn't that make the 993 engines better?  Shouldn't I get that?
A: If you have an unlimited budget, go for it.  If not, think twice. Q: Which Transmission should I use?  Can I use a 915 or do I need a G50
A: We prefer the 915.  For a clutch we use the Sachs Power Kit. Q: Can I use my existing 915 clutch?  How about a "Puck Clutch"?  What is recommended.
A: Yes you can. We advise against it though. Q: What about oil cooling?
A: You will need a front mounted cooler of some kind. Q: Can I modify the sheet metal and cross member myself?  Why is this modification important?
A:  Yes, you can do that. Q: How about Webers, aren't they the way to go?  Seems a lot easier and less expensive!
A: Not easier, not less expensive, but may offer more top-end power.  Upsides and downside below Q: What about a 915 transmission, will it handle the power?
A:  Yes, as long as it is not abused Q: What about air conditioning
A: That's a fair amount of work, difficulty depends on which motor .

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