Delaware Porsches Non-Exec GT3-ASpec Tournament
February 26, 2002
Next Meeting:  March 26, 2002, Six stations planned!

Why bother?

Those of use who missed the relaxed atmosphere of the Delaware Region PCA and the fun exec meetings every month decided to form the "Non-Exec" committee.  It is held the last Tuesday of each month, usually at our place, but subject to change.  This is convenient since the time/date of the new "Executive Board" meeting  also changed so we decided to fill the hole with a meeting of our own.  We will have these meetings monthly with different entertainment as appropriate. Food is provided and we generally have ample refreshments.

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Here's the announcement that went out:

Monthly meeting of laid back Porsche owners held last Tuesday of every month 7 pm, usually at my place, but open to suggestion.

Hopefully politics can be kept to a minimum and we will shoot the bull about Porsches and related matters.  We hope to get a full report from Messrs Brady and Wolf regarding their recent Rally-Cross experiment and mud flinging contest.

Also on tap:  Spring Tech Session, R&R of 911 motor/trans unless Rick wants his Boxster deflowered in favor of a 3.4, and also suspension/track prep question and answer session.  Need to nail down a date, looking at the end of March.  As far as I can tell this will not be sanctioned by  the region. From talking to people at the last meeting seems like we have at least a dozen interested. Steve Stomski from Stomski Racing is planning on coming by with some interesting gizmos be builds.  Kevin Buckler said he was a bit busy to attend but sends his regards.  He did request that I fed-ex him some chili in a note he sent earlier this week.

Also of interest - we should have a network of three Sony playstations2 with GrandTourismo3 A-spec so people can race each other using iLink, aka firewire.  Should prove entertaining.  If interested in this bring your suspension setups for the RUF cars!

As usual, planning should be kept to a minimum and fun/socialization to a maximum.  As Cris Brady said "I just want to race and drink beer"...hopefully not at the same time!

Please RSVP if you can make it so Lyd and I can figure out about how much food is needed.  We have had a request for a replay of Pulled Pork BBQ but I am open to suggestions.

With the Help of Greg Forte from UD we got everything set up a bit past 7 pm and the fun began!  Four setups were available, and there was never an empty seat.  For those who have never tried GT3, it is a state of the art driving simulator with a few dozen tracks available and literally hundreds of real cars accurately simulated.

Participants:  I know I counted eighteen, but here's all I can remember:

There in spirit:

The Fare: The Equipment:

The first hurtle was just getting the Playstation/2s all to talk.  Greg Forte, from the University of Delaware User Services, was brought in as a special networking expert.  Turns out all you need is a FireWire (IEEE 1394) hub and a gaggle of Playstations all running GT3-ASpec. You pop into "iLink Battle" mode and everyone joins in.  You can choose any unlocked car or track from the Arcade mode and each driver can select his/her car and whether to drive Manual or Automatic.  WIth paddle shifters, Manual mode is faster, before the beer that is!

The audience gets to drink beer and eat cheetoz.

We used a total of three TVs.  One was a Sony 63: XBR, so we were able to use the side-by side mode and still get two 30" TV sized images.

Appropriate Seatin:  The black director's chairs say "Daytona 24 Hour Race" on them.

Scott Clabaugh waits his turn while feasting on Pulled Pork Barbecue.

Action here, brian concentrates and Manny is in the lead

Dave McElvain with his Serious face sneaks in from the back row.  THis may look like fun and games but there are reputations at stake, plus the loser has to get the next beer from the 'fridge!

Manny again in first...competition is intense!

Cris Brady relives his recent Rallycross Experiment while I intently listen.  It's hard to hear over four wound out race cars but we make due.  Meanwhile Dave, just out of shot, brings up the rear.

Here's a shot of the Split-Screen on the big sony.  Seems like Manny's always in first.

First race is complete.  Megalamaniuac Manny Rules.

Rick "Missa Shaw" foster replaces Greg Forte and Darryl  " GMD" or "Link" Wolfe takes over the exhaust sniffing duties.

If you think this is fuzzy look at it after a few Pete's!  Mr. Shaw takes over the lead.

Manny in action.  Hands so fast they are just a blur....

What is that smell?  Jeez, we already ate all the Cheetoz but it didn't help!

Duuuuuude - I like totally got screwed on that one.  No more Miatas for me man!

Boy, you thought Manny's hands were fast, here's the new father Brian recovering from a spin.  If only the wheels on the car were goin' 'round that quick!

Manny countersteers and eats some concrete.  Thank God those fenders are self-healing!

Brian gets some coaching from the expert rally crossers.  Darryl usually navigates with his eyes closed, but he's making an exception here.

Chris, Jamie and Mr. Shaw.  Intense.  This is for all the Salsa!

Now it's my turn to smoke 'em.  As the German's say -"Later Hosen!"

About 11 pm we switched to Rally mode.  Here only two could compete, but it was interesting watching.  Darryl squares off against Mr. Shaw.

Now Jamie smokes Brian on the "Swiss Alps" course in his Ford Focus WRC.  Brian got the Subaru.  Better luck next time!

And so it goes, we ended up calling it a night just after Midnight.  Five solid hours of Racing and the only damage was in the form of empty beer bottles and dirty dishes,   Time to start planning for next month.

On the agneda is to have a rally tournament.  We can get two pairs of contestants running simultaniously and get an elimination round going, drag race style.  Rally mode only allows two cars per session.

Also - we can bump the number of cars on Road Race up to six, if we have enough machines.

lastly, I'm planning on getting some real Porsche seats and steering wheel tables so the ergonomics work better.  Lots of room to improve.

Steve Timmins
February 27, 2002