Bill and Steve's Excellent Adventure

OK.  So here's a bright idea on the part of Mercedes.

Bring a whole bunch of new cars to COMDEX and let computer geeks drive them.

Not such a bad idea, unless they bring the new 500SL.  A little over 300 HP.  Bill Weichert met me in line and went out  first in the silver one.

I hopped into the Blue one.  Bummer.  Automatic with traction control locked on.

I did my best to trash it, waiting for the last minute in the ABS test, I think I got it up ot maybe 80.  I ignored the speed limit 20 sign on the esses, stomped on the brake hard, then on the gas, but allot did was kill the power.  Did manage to squeal the hell out of the etires and the organizers were quick to take note.

When I came in the Mercedes guy simply said "Sir, step away from the car!" then he smiled.