No smoke, no mirrors, just fast.  

ChiliFest Naught Eight
October 4, 2008
A.K.A. Cinco de Mayo on the other side of the sun!

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This year we are again raising funds for Special Olympics of Delaware.   All proceeds (not net proceeds) will go to the charity.  All expenses are borne by Instant-G.  We managed to raise a total of $2000 in 2006!  The chilifest was sponsored by Instant-G, who provided all food, refreshments, etc. and donated $625.  The remainder was donated by individuals .

Again, all funds go directly to Special Olympics of Delaware!  You will receive a receipt (either check or paypal mail) and all donations are 100% tax deductible!

Humor:  Click here for the Inexperienced Chili Taster.  Warning ... contains coarse language

Sponsored by Instant-G

Saturday, October 4, 2008 pm-> ???

If you are unfamiliar wit the event - here are the requirements:

2) Show up (preferably in a Porsche)
3) Eat Chili and drink beer, soda, margaritas
4) Have a good time.

We provide everything.  If you feel compelled, bring some beer or tequila.

Newark DE is midway between Baltimore and Philadelphia just off I-95.
(1 hour from each).  CLICK HERE FOR A MAP!

John Timmins and Carrera!

Here are previous year's events:
Click HERE for Chili2001 Recap

Chili    1999
Chili    1998

Cinco De Mayo Naught Seven

Lyd and I are hosting the EIGHTEENTH annual chili cook off and
margarita fest.  Traditionally the  first Saturday in May at our House,
we will be cooking 5 varieties of chili from reasonable to china syndrome
with peppers collected from  the Yucatan Peninsula, Texas, Arizona,
and, of all places, our Living Room ?!?  Here are the complete

Date/Time:  Saturday September 29th,  One PM -> late
 We'll start cooking at about 6am, start the blender about noon,
 the first chili ready about 4pm. Last time people dropped in
 continuously from about 2 until about 10 p.m. with the last people
 leaving about two am.  Show up whenever.

Place: 373 West Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 19716 Ph: 302-456-0630
 From I-95 take the Newark 896N exit. 3/4 mile to West Chestnut Hill Road
 OR 3/4 mile south of campus on South College (896), turn right (Godwin's Shell)

 House is 0.9 miles, at the top of the hill on the LEFT.  White ranch.
 Chili Pepper Flag.  Many Porsches.

Bill of Fare:
 Temperate Food:
     130 Quarts minimum of CHILI in 5 heat ranges
     Thai Chili Pepper Cornbread
     Homemade Refried Beans, Salsa, chips, etc.

Subdued Food:
     Whatever else seems appropriate food wise.
     We'll make a point of having some "neutral" food available
   (for wimps who don't like Chili)
     All the red chili, jalepeno, habenero, and other peppers you dare.

    Margaritas - including Strawberry, Kiwi, Banana  Three blenders - no waiting!
    Really Nasty Evil Satan Vodka
    Beer and Wine - though it's whatever's on sale so be warned!
    Homebrew - Stout, WinterWarmer, Scotch Ale, MegaStautt
    Sodas, etc.

What to bring: A friend, a date, something to throw into a Marg, and/or Hunger!    You are welcome to bring chili of your own but I'll cook plenty.

Dress: Women only please, unless you're Scottish, otherwise, casual..

Last Updated on 9/12/2007
By Steve Timmins


NEW:  Want to donate on-line with a credit card?
We are now able to accept credit card donations through .  Click on the logo below.  Please fill in "SODE" for "Payment For" and all proceeds will go to Special Olympics of Delaware.


Photos from 1998-2001


9am and all 30 lbs of onions are cut, 15 of fresh green bell pepper.  OK, so I had a beer.  Sue me.

A labor of love.  Each peice of meat trimmed by hand, by a professional.....right.


7:00 am - cooking en mass.

This is a Vintage 1998 phtoto so we are still a bit low-key.  In 2000 we had 7 burners going at once!
Oh those were the simple days.....

Browned hot italian sausage and lots of On- Yon!

30 lbs Sausage (stainless pot and 2 pamns), 30 lbs onions, peppers, 40 lbs beef (black pot)
and 40 lbs ground beef, along with corn, HOT peppers, cayenne, chipotle, and various
other ingredients for about 130 Quarts of Chili.  Four to five frying pans were going contiunuously from 5am - 1pm!
This is in the old days.  From the pictures above you can wee we now go with as many as six frying pans at once!

Phialdelphia's NBC 10 "On the Menu" Steve Levy approves of the Margheritas and "Cajun Chili"

Lydia does some stirring.

Sean tries the Death Chili....note the Red glow in the eyes!

He's got the milk ready.

Dude!  Stay down there now!  I beleive he's learned the error of his ways!


Cough  YOUCH!~  There's one in every crowd!

Carrera, our "active spill control" device

Here are some guests NOT in the garage!  This year (98) the first guests showed up around
noon and the last left about 12:30 am.....we calculate about 100 or so guests throughout
the day. Carrera is an integral part of our "active spill containment" system!

Serious discussions.  Air dry vs. fluff dry.  As you can see Craig is facinated.

Greg Forte and Captain Runnels join me in a toast of ESV.  No worries.  None of us are driving!

Tom's on the floor.

Looks like Clark has a new friend.....

THis is maybe 7pm.  A bit too dark for a decent photo, but the first chance I had to get outside at the 2000 party

With about 10 of my Porsche and a smattering of others the front and back yars were full in 2000!

Quite a croud in the outdoors.  Last shot I took.