Suspension and Alignment Tech Session

Saturday March 17, 2001
9:00 am, continental breakfast and refreshments served

Sponsored by Instant-G

Directions: Click here for Map
373 West Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 19713
Sponsored by: Instant-G

We'll be demonstrating using out new Hunter alignment system.

We had a few people show up .... 24 guests .... apparently no one car pooled!

OK.  So, like, half the cars were mine.  That still leaves a lot!

Thanks Cris Brady for the Bird's Eye shots!

First dial in the specs,

Hang the sensors, In this case I also had the weight balance stacks up.

Calibrate the system....

Here I'm adjusting the camber with a short pry bar.  Yes, that really is the way to do it.


Now for the toe...

A little bench talk on what's going on here....

We had some trick suspension pieces out including shocks, sway bars, torsion bars and the like.
Those blue items are 911 valve covers we powder coated translucent blue.

Demo of how a spring plate works to adjust camber, toe, and ride height.

Now play with the toe from below.

Loosen up the adjustments

And tweek the settings while watching the digtal display

What do people with short arms do?

And it's a wrap!  It was rainaing so no fun-runs were in order.  Maybe next time!