1972 911T Coupe - Paint Work
Midnight blue on Black 
  • All factory with no modifications
  • No sunroof
  • Undergoing a RS Conversion with an '94 3.6 motor.
Now the car goes to the local MAACO.  I use the BlauCarrera deck lid as a paint sample and 
ask them to match it.

First they try a sample of "Dalmation Blue".  A nice color but way too purple.

They say they'll custom match it to the deck lid from the other car.
The car was taken to MAACO in ready to paint etching primer.  Apparently they reprimered it in black.

There it is at MAACO. It looks much too dark.  First they claim they found the real color, then when I ask for the paint code they admit it is a Toyota/Lexus color.  Jerks!

The total cost for the paint job as $650.  For they they painted the shell, and the roll bar, door jams and underside of hood, as well as all other separate parts.  The separate parts were two duck tails, two doors, both bumpers, H4 headlight trim rings, Oil door, torsion bar cover plates.  All and all it was a great deal, but I wish they woudl have matched the paint color.

Nice job on roll bar, except the spots they just plain missed....