The InterOffice Special!

1974 911 to 911SC Prepared club racer.
As of February 2001, this car is still in process.

Car was originally purchased with a 3.2 Carrera motor, which was sold, making the car essentially free.

Plan is to convert it to a wide body 911 SC with BIG brakes, short (7:31) 915 trans with quaife, and '78 3.0 built to factory specs with Webers and headers.

Bodywork will be all steel.  Pictures show really bad fiberglass front fenders and beat up C2 nose.

External appearance will be as per 1994 RSR 3.8, similar to the tealamonstre

Here are some stages of the project:

We call this car "The Inter Office Special" because of the unique manilla color.  Not my favorite.