May 15, 2000.

WHen I got the car, L I looked at the floor pan from the interior.  Solid as a rock!

What I didn't know was that some hack had RIVETED a floor pan half under the passenger side, then fibber glassed over it.

I ground off the heads of the rivets and out it came.  Dear God. Look at the back section.  This needed some serious work,
but I did have a nice pan-half to work with.

First I thought I'd just weld it on the bottom.  WRONG!

After a LOT of cleaning we found decent metal.  I welded in the pan from the bottom, then from the inside and we were done.
No pics of that, but you can see similar welding below (argh)

.  Next we decided to cut out the seat rails so I coudl lower the seats.

Here's the driver's side.  Hmmn.  That floor is made of Fiberglas.

HELL.  Yes, the address f Hell is 373 West Chestnut Hill Road.  Here's what's left of the driver's floor pan.  They had fiberglassed over it, but the water had gotten in from the underside.  Unbelievable!

Luckily I had a '87 targa shell which had been hit in he nose, so we purchaced it on it's side and got out the Plasma Cutter.
FIrst step ids to grind off the undercoating. Those wrinkles won't matter much, we can straighten them up and will only be using
the section the the vertical line.

Seems like I had a full head of hair when this job started.

Plasma cutter. Nice toy!

Out it came!

View from the inside.

Now we popped it under the car and welded the entire preimeter from the inside.

Had to make some patch panels to stabilize the corner behind the driver's seat.

After welding the perimeter underneath we seam coated both sides.  This picture is from the front looking back.

More seam sealant.  Boy does that stuff not come off your hands.

As you can see we put a short pan on the passenger's side and also had some serious repairs to the rockers.  you can't see it but the driver's side outer rocker was completely cut out and replaced as well.

Now seam seal the inside./

Lastly we mounted the Carrera2 turbo lights.

Slowly but surely we are getting a car.